Part 1 & 2: ACOB Lighting 16Kw Solar Mini Grid Electrification of Ihuama Community In Ahmadabad East LGA of Rivers State Nigeria


We at ACOB Lighting Technology Limited are proud to announce the completion of the 16kw
Solar mini grid electrification of Ihuama Community in Ahoada East LGA of Rivers state. This is a
pilot projects under the Rural Electrification Agency  (REA) of Nigeria which is aimed at providing
electricity to the rural communities that are over 30 miles away from the National Grid and
have no access to power.

The 16kw Solar Mini Grid System is aimed at powering 60 household in the small community of
Ihuama with a smart metering solution that will ensure sustainability of the project. The solar
mini grid system is designed in such a manner that we generate power using a combined Solar
PV module, Charge Controllers, High Density Inverter and Industrial Trojan battery backup
system for efficient generation, storage and utilization of energy by the community.

The Mini Grid system is designed in a manner that we generate the power in a mini solar power
bunker, transmit and distribute the lines to individual homes in the community via distribution
network. The mini grid provides the basic lighting needs of the community house hold such as
their lighting points, streetlights, socket charging points for their phones and electronics
gadget, television and Radio sets while making provisions for powering small scale cottage
industry located in this communities.

This project has promoted economic activity in the community with the establishment of
Football viewing centers and mini barbing and hair salons for economic viability of the
community. Residents of the community no longer rely on buying fuel to power the few who
are able to afford generators as they now have access to sustainable solar power supply