ACOB Lighting Technology Limited signs Partnership with Sustainable Energy for All (SEforAll)

ACOB Lighting Technology Limited has recently signed a strategic partnership with Sustainable Energy for All (SEforAll).

Both orgnaizations have agreed to work together to enhance efforts to increase access to energy; engage in conversations across the power industry among established stakeholders and newcomers, on integrated electrification planning; promote the inclusion of women and the poorest people in society to secure a just energy transition for all and adopt an energy efficiency first approach to accelerate action on SDG7.

This partnership is for the purpose of accelerating achievement of Sustainable Energy for All objectives and consequently the Sustainable Development Goal 7.

Through this partnership, both organizations affirm our belief in the following principles:

1. Energy is the ‘Golden Thread’ – Affordable, reliable and clean energy is an essential precursor to many other Sustainable Development Goals, specifically the eradication of poverty (SDG1), ensuring food security (SDG2), making advancements in health (SDG3), delivering education (SDG4), promoting gender equality (SDG5), ensuring safe and adequate water supply (SDG6) enabling industrialization (SDG9) and combating climate change (SDG13);
2. Climate Change is an Urgent Challenge – The Paris Agreement on climate needs to be implemented and its targets fully realized;
3. Energy Efficiency First – SDG7 can only be achieved by putting energy efficiency first, so that energy efficiency and demand-side solutions become core pillars of energy plans and business strategies;
4. Gender Equality – Incorporating gender equality at the heart of our activities is essential, working towards women’s full participation in sustainable energy solutions at every level;
5. Leave No One Behind – The energy transition must include enhancing and extending the provision of sustainable modern energy to the very poorest people in society who will not otherwise be reached by ‘business-as-usual’ approaches.

ACOB Lighting Strategic business plan aims to construct 100 Solar Mini Grid projects ranging from 30kwp – 1MW in the next 5year which hopes to provide access to clean, affordable and reliable energy for over a million Nigerians, thus reducing carbon footprint of over 13,000 tons of CO2 emissions annually and improving the social economic development of Nigerians.