The Overview!

Fueling The Transition To Renewable Power.

The 100 kWp Solar Hybrid Mini Grid Project has been designed and built to meet the energy needs and improve the socio-economic status of Adebayo, a community engaged in commercial activities such as petty trade, sewing, milling, hairdressing, and furniture, and which has existed without electricity for over 6 decades.

The government agency estimates that the new facilities will provide electricity to 500 households in that particular village. ACOB Lighting Technology Limited developed 100kWp Hybrid Solar Mini-grid power plant with a distribution network spanning over 6km powering 3,325 beneficiaries, 475 House hold and 89 productive users.

The project was developed on a Public – Private – Partnership (PPP), with fund support from the Rural Electrification Fund (REF), of the Rural Electrification Agency (REA) in Nigeria. The project value is estimated at over N150million. The Mini Grid included 294 units of 345W Jinko Solar panels, 72 units of lead acid Hoppecke battery, 10 units of 600v 80A charge controller Schneider, 2 units of CL2500 Schneider PV inverter and 100kVA Diesel Generator. The system was designed on an AC-DC Coupled Electrical.

100KWP Hybrid Solar Mini Grid Electrification of Adebayo Community in Ovia LGA of Edo State.

Project Data





Yearly Output



JINKO Solar Panels, HOPPECKE Lead Acid Batteries, SCHNEIDER Charge Controllers, SCHNEIDER PV Inverters

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