Quality 160watts Mono Crystalline Solar Panel


1. Structure of Monocrystalline Solar Panel Solar modules, which are widely used in ground mounted utility-scale PV plants, large-scale and small civil and commercial power generating system such as BIPV combined to the grid, roof-mounted PV power system, rural electrification, communications, emergency auxiliary power. Solar PV module is comprised of some solar cells which are connected in serial with high efficiency and enhanced reliability.
2. Main Features of Monocrystalline Solar Panel · High wind-pressure and easy installation · Water resistant junction box · Design to meet unique demand of customer
160 watt high efficiency A-Grade Mono crystalline Solar Panel.
  • Excellent weak light performance.
  • Self cleaning and anti-reflective,hydrophobic layer with light absorption.
  • Standard Test Conditions test each module at 1000w/m2, am1.5, 25 degrees celsius.
  • Rigorous Quality Control meeting High International Standards(CE,TUV,IEC,CQC &ISO 9001:2008).
  • Max Power(Wp)———– 160 Watts.
  • Max Power Voltage(V)—- 17.8 volts.
  • Max Power Current(A)—- 9 amps.
  • Open Circuit Voltage(V)– 21.4 volts.
  • Short Circuit Current(A)– 9.9 amps.
  • Cell Efficiency(%)———- 21 %.
  • Fill Factor(%)————— greater than 74%.
  • Temperature Range——– minus 40 degree to plus 85 degree celsius.
  • Size————————— 1324 x 676 x 35.
  • Weight———————– 11 kg